Madeira tasting with a food pairing, Sat. Jan 10 at Lou’s Wine Shop, LA

I’m excited to create the foods to be paired with some rare Madeiras at Lou’s Wine Shop in Los Angeles on January 10 from 2-5 pm. Lou Amdur, the owner, is a well known figure on the Los Angeles wine scene and formerly owned Lou on Vine, a wonderfully beguiling restaurant in Los Angeles for a number of years. If you’re in the area, you can sign up to attend by calling the shop at 323 305 7004. Space limited. The store is located at 1911 Hillhurst Avenue, LA 90027.


Here is some more information:

Saturday, January 10: Madeira tasting
Between 2 and 5 PM
$20 (10 percent off any fortified wine)
Madeira. You’re (a) a convert, and have had a drop or two of the good stuff; (b) only had lousy industrial “cooking” Madeira; or (c) never tried it, but conflate it with Marsala, Port, and god knows what else.
But wait, isn’t Madeira sticky and super sweet? No! Stylistically, the wines range from dry and nearly Cognac-like, to sweet and racy. The mark of all good Madeira is racy acidity, and even the sweet wines make for lively and engaging drinking.
One of my life missions is to turn people on to the good stuff. Why? Because these are exciting wines and you need them in your life. These are the wines that our founding fathers drank, and from the Colonial era until the middle of the 19th century we were the market makers for Madeira and drank more of it than anyone else in the world. Sadly, there are today few remnants of our historic Madeira love, but thanks to the tireless efforts of Manny Burke, proprietor of the Rare Wine Co.., we have witnessed a modest yet very real revival in Madeira’s fate.
To help frame Madeira we’ve teamed up with the brilliant pastry historian and practitioner, Robert Wemischnerto create a few dainties, some savory, some sweet, that would be recognizable by Thomas Jefferson—not slavish reproductions of Colonial era food, but delicacies that would make sense to him.
Three Madeiras from the Rare Wine Co. Historic Series (all 50$) from savory/dry to sweet:
  • Rare Wine Co. Charleston Sercial
    Shredded duck hand pie, candied orange
  • Rare wine Co. Savannah Verdelho 
    Wild salmon, potato crisp, smoked salt
  • New York Malmsey
    Pain d’épices ice cream sandwich, ginger ice cream

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