Summer Peaches

{Sweet, tart and juicy}



Good old-fashioned yellow-fleshed peaches, with their characteristically fuzzy skin, are plentiful now at my farmer’s market (or via and I can’t get enough of them. Whether using them sliced in a salad with creamy burrata or ricotta cheese, wrapping them up in jamon serrano or prosciutto, or folding them, peeled and chopped, into freshly churned ice cream, peaches go as easily in a sweet direction as in a savory one.  For something completely different, try serving them, peeled and sliced, with a few flecks of freshly ground black pepper, Maldon sea salt and and a drizzle of honey.

For a true summer pleasure, though, I like to eat them, as is, with juice running down my arm. With an edge of tartness complexing their flavor, this is a fruit whose slight acidity makes you want just one more bite. To my mind, the subacid white peaches that are equally available at farmers markets and supermarkets everywhere at this time of year just can’t compare to the yellow-fleshed varieties, and are simply bursts of sweetness without much interest.

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