First of summer stone fruits

{Sweet, tart, colorful and signifying summer}


Apricots, apriums and plums are now brimming over at farmers markets and supermarket produce shelves everywhere in all their Technicolor vividness. Sniff before you buy. Or better yet, sample the fruits for flavor and ripeness. Given all of the different varieties on the market nowadays, with some extremely sweet even when crunchy, the hardness or softness of the fruit is not a reliable indication of ripeness so ask to have a taste to be sure that you are buying fruit with an intense flavor and the right degree of sweetness or tartness to suit your palate. I am drawn at the moment to finding the best uses for Blue Velvet apricots (dark purple skinned with a deep orangey red flesh available during June and July, and Apriums, those hybrids of apricots and plums (75% apricot/25% plum) with their incredible fragrance and intense orange skin and flesh).

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