Early fall pears

{Sweet, juicy, fragrant and fruity}


Now that the stone fruits of summer are winding down, early fall brings a new crop of deliciousness in the form of pears—green skinned Bartletts turning yellow when ripe, russet Boscs with their pleasantly grainy texture, smaller Forelles with their speckled yellow-red-orange skins, sugar sweet tiny Seckels…the list goes on depending on your region but each of these varieties shares one thing in common: when they are good, they are great! You may have to endure some fruits which are disappointingly bland, mealy or even mushy but persist and you will find some that are transcendently fragrant, juicy and sweet, exhibiting the essence of “pearness” which are worth the search. At farmers’ markets, always ask for a taste before you buy just to get some idea of the current crop’s flavor profile and then indulge.

Whether making a simple cheese plate garnished with wedges of perfectly ripe pear, walnuts and some dried figs or cranberries, or poaching the fruits in caramel to garnish a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, you will find find countless dishes where the perfect pear can play a stellar role.

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