Dates in season

{sweet, juicy, succulent, chewy, with a hint of spice}

Contrary to what seems common knowledge, dates do,  in fact,  have a season and the season is NOW—late fall through early winter. Grown in the desert in southeastern California, dates range from the creamy barhis, when ripe, to the prized chewy giant Medjools with their smooth and succulent flesh. Hundreds of other varieties exist but there are about 5 or 6 which are more commonly available on the US market. I like to eat them straight out of hand but putting them into a simple sweet like the following one also showcases their rich, complex flavor personality. Here I pair them with cream and tart lime for a sublime do-ahead dessert.

Go to any one of the following sources for superb in-season ordering: for online ordering from  the Bautista Family, or Flying Disc Ranch ( or Dates by DaVall (, all superb desert growers.

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