Microroasted coffee

{dark, deeply roasted, flavorful and satisfying}


The coffee scene is hot and happening from one coast to another and in lots of points in between.  For the coffee lover  this means that more  premium quality whole bean coffee is becoming available everywhere. Companies such as Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, Gimme Coffee, Klatch, Verve and many others are sourcing high quality coffee beans direct from farmers and then roasting those beans in small batches with precision to bring out their best flavors. Separate from this trend, but no less delicious, is the availablity in Asian markets of cans of darkly roasted Vietnamese style coffee (some with chicory flavoring), ground or in bean form, which inspires the summertime dessert featured in the accompanying post on my site. 

Whether you prefer the dark espresso roast style coffee or the lighter roasted beans, pairing coffee with dairy in any form makes for a captivating combination. And here I take my cues from the Vietnamese cà phê sua dá in which a low tech coffee brewing tool (pictured with the recipe for the Condensed Milk Ice Cream) containing finely ground coffee is placed on top of a 8 ounce glass or cup into which a generous 1/2 inch of condensed milk has been poured. A screen filter is then screwed down tightly over the coffee. Hot water is then poured into the metal brewing container allowing the water to come in contact with the grounds for anywhere from a half a minute to a  few minutes (depending on how strong you like the coffee). the mixture is then stirred to blend the milk into the coffee and often poured into another glass containing lots of ice.

In the accompanying recipe, instead of using the layer of condensed milk in the coffee, I have concocted a simple ice cream of the canned sweetened milk combined with heavy cream and floated the resulting ice cream in a glass of chilled Vietnamese-style brewed coffee (a press pot such as the ones made by Bodum could also be used for the brewing). For this dessert-in-a-glass, both a straw and a spoon are essential. Drink up. You can’t avoiding smiling when imbibing this glass of creamy, dreamy contentment.

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