Listen to me on KCRW-FM radio talking figs Sat. August 18th just after 11 am

Figs are a favorite and fleetingly available seasonal fruit. Farmers market in California offer a dazzling array of dark purple, greenish and yellow skinned beauties. Fresh from my visits to the orchards, packers and dried fig production plants in the Fresno, CA area, I’ll be talking about all of them and more. Beyond eating them out of hand (to peel or not to peel…), there are many ways to enjoy their sweet honeyed intensity—to name just a few: salads with sharp cheeses, as a grilled accompaniment to pork, poultry, and of course, in sweet applications such as ice cream, tarts, and cooked until thick as a filling for cookies (Fig Newtons, eat your heart out!).

Be sure to listen in on Saturday, Aug 18th or if you miss it, or are out of the listening area, go to and then choose the August 18th show. Happy listening and happy fig eating!!!! Get your fill while they last.