The Vivid Flavors Cookbook

by Robert Wemischner

A groundbreaking look at the use of ethnic ingredients in unorthodox ways, this book grew out of my love for bold flavoredĀ cuisine and borrows from the pantries of many of the world’s great food traditions.

The book combines innovative tastes and time tested techniques with a rich variety of fresh ingredients available in your neighbor-hood to create totally original gustatory experiences. Encompassing new ways with poultry, fish, seafood, grains, pastas, and most notably, farm fresh produce, many of the recipes are low in fat, sodium, or calories or high in fiber.

From the Wild Rice Pancakes to the Fragrant Fish Cooked in Rosemary-Scented Smoke to Tahitian Vanilla Tarts, the book introduces you to tastes you’ve only dreamed of. Through The Vivid Flavors Cookbook, the seasoned cook and novice alike will gain a glimpse of the exotic but accessible world of this cuisine beyond boundaries.