The Dessert Architect

by Robert Wemischner

A complete guide to building versatile and creative desserts, The Dessert Architect offers valuable insight into developing a well-balanced dessert menu and modern plating techniques while featuring 50 detailed multi-component recipes that can be mixed and matched for endless combinations.

This landmark work offers suggestions for pairing beverages with desserts, sources for ingredients, and an overview of essential tools and equipment. Its wealth of recipes is thoughtfully organized by main ingredient for easy retrieval. Full-color photographs of each completed dessert — along with step-by-step process shots — serve as a visual reference for the major techniques used in the recipes.

The Dessert Architect is an invaluable resource for professional pastry programs and a source of inspiration for chefs worldwide.


“Robert’s thoughtful comparison of the pastry arts to architecture makes his fourth book a valuable guide to the foundation of plated desserts. His imaginative selection of recipes complements his detailed explanation of ‘The Four Cornerstones’ which are the essential components of any dessert.”

- Jacques Torres, MOF
Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier, Dean of Pastry Arts, French Culinary Institute New York, Owner, Jacques Torres Chocolate, Author: Dessert Circus, Dessert Circus at Home, A Year in Chocolate.