Cooking With Tea

by Robert Wemischner

This book explores healthy ways to incorporate tea into dishes, both sweet and savory and features much useful information about sourcing, brewing and enjoying tea.

Tea is a cutting edge ingredient that is finally breaking out of its familiar role as an accompaniment to afternoon tea fare and emerging as a provocative ingredient in every category on the menus of fine restaurants everywhere. Esteemed chefs around the country are bringing tea into the kitchen to create recipes with this new ingredient.

Tea is ideal: it has no calories, no sodium, no sugar, and no fat. In cooking, tea is a vibrant, innovative and extremely versatile ingredient, and now with compelling evidence of its antioxidant properties, there is even more impetus to enjoy teas not only in the but, but on the plate as well.

The book provides the amateur and seasoned chef the opportunity to experience firsthand the invigorating magic of cooking with tea.